My name is Matt Glenn. I am a student of music technlogy and sound engineering at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Outside of class (and sometimes during) I do a ton of thinking about music and audio engineering. This blog is a my attempt at organizing my mental maelstrom.

Matt Glenn

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Capturing the Sound of the Big House

Here's an old post that I never published. I thought I would dust it off...

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The big house is, as I found out, the 3rd largest [non-race-track] stadium in the world. The game vs. UMass this yea was the 225th game in a row where attendance had exceeded 100,000 people, according to the announcer (a man named Carl Grapentine, with whom I have actually worked to record the introductory voiceover for the fall 2009 Men's Glee Club concert).

In addition to watching the action, I thought the UMass game would provide an excellent opportunity to capture the undescribable energy of the big house crowd. The recording happened back in September, of course, but just today I sat down with the files and slapped together a little montage that evokes fond memories from Big House football games. Due to the desire to be inconspicuous, I had only my Microtrack with me (which has since been replaced by a Sony PCM-D50 after kicking the bucket). Still, the "talent" trumps the technology, and the clip gives a good taste of the energy (and volume) at a Michigan football game.

Sounds of the Big House by mattglenn