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Matt Glenn

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Man of La Mancha

Windmills whirl, lances twirl, and a knight errant becomes a knighted lord in "Man of La Mancha", Musket's winter 2010 musical that will open this Friday, March 19, in the Power Center of Ann Arbor.

So I am fairly not good at writing pump-up publicity slogans ... but this show really is going to be fantastic. Musket, which is entirely student-run, has a reputation for being less-than-timely with show readiness; this team, however, has been so on the ball with rehearsing, production design, load-in, and construction, trumping most other shows that I have been involved with. L'chaim.


Truthfully, I should call myself a member of the set crew, but in fact I am the sound designer with a whopping 3 cues that are, in fact, variations of the same cue. You can listen to the cue (as well as my other stuff) here:

Come see it!

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