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Matt Glenn

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Camp Chapel" DONE

Two weeks of 10-hour days in the mixing studio and I have the stereo version of the mix for the Screen Arts and Cultures 423 picture Camp Chapel. The film is a 20-minute version of the first-act of the screenplay, which does exist in full. Starring Joey Richter, Kris Reilly, and Quinn Scillian, the film depicts a high-school rebel who lands himself an arrest and subsequent ticket to a bible camp for spring break. Hilarity does ensue.

I learned a tremendous amount about post production (and production) sound on this project. Number one lesson: record EVERYTHING on set. Rehearsals, wild lines, crew chatting, partyers singing, footsteps, cars on the street, EVERYTHING! It always comes in handy when I need to fill in empty space with something, or need to replace some bad dialog (performance or sound) on a particular take. Amazingly, because of all that we recorded on set, no ADR (dialog replacement) was needed for this film. We did record a few reactions, breaths, whispers, etc. last week but they were hardly requisite.

The foley footsteps were a blast to record. Colin Neville, sound designer, and I walked around the music school in the wee AMs with a bag of shoes, the sound devices recorder, and the mic and recorded a mini-library of steps. We found these two podiums, one hollow wood and one hollow wood and covered in carpet, that provided excellent steps.

The movie should be online sometime this week and I will post the link then! Meanwhile, here is the trailer with unedited audio:

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